Strong Hands is a non-profit association that offers a helping hand to everyone who needs it – regardless of age, origin and ethnicity. We help new arrivals to enter the community, but we also help other vulnerable people who need help in one way or another – no matter what it might be.

The initiative was started as a Facebook group during the corona pandemic in 2020. After helping more than 3 000 people in the first year, the success and need was a fact and in septe,ber of 2020, Strong Hands was formed. The association is based in Strängnäs but there goals in to help all around Sweden.


Strong Hands is a non-profit association and is a completely politically and religiously independent initiative. We work for sustainable societal development and cross-sectoral cooperation. Our purpose is to conduct non-profit bridge-building activities between Swedes and new arrivals from other countries in order to promote integration and democratic development. But we also help Swedish-born people who need help, for example the elderly who need to pick up their medicines or buy food at the grocery store and deliver home to the door.

We at Starka Händer are proud to be the first association to have a study circle in “migration issues”. Our partners are Strängnäs Police, The Church of Sweden, Studiefrämjandet Sörmland, Rotary, Strängnäs municipality and the Swedish Red Cross.


Strong Hands aims to conduct bridge-building activities between Swedes and newcomers from other countries in order to promote integration into society. In a long-term sustainable society, integration is of great importance, which is why we focus on the following three areas: faster integration, breaking exclusion and helping everyone in need – regardless of culture, religion and ethnicity.

Among other things, we support new arrivals by teaching them language, culture, traditions, rules and laws – everything you may need to quickly integrate into society. We also organize cultural, educational and social leisure activities. We also offer lectures and workshops. Strong Hands also helps you who need to buy food and collects Christmas presents for families who are having a hard time.


    Gyllenhjelmsgatan in Strängnäs.
    Photo: Robert Andersson
    Skapad av Jennifer Lundkvist 2021 |